Book Rental Policies


Upon becoming a book rental member on BooQs Dot In, members become responsible for paying periodic subscription fees according to the then current billing terms and subscription plan. Subscription fees are non-refundable.


You may cancel your book rental subscription to at any time, and cancellation will be effective immediately. WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR ANY PARTIAL-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION PERIODS OR UNREAD BOOK(S). To cancel your membership you need to place a cancel subscription request. Upon cancellation, you will be given 10 days to return any outstanding rentals. Failure to return such rentals will result in your Payment Method being billed for such items. BooQs Dot In reserves the right to terminate your membership for any or no reason.

Refund Of Security Deposit

In the event that your membership is cancelled, we will refund your security deposit after ensuring all outstanding charges applicable have been processed. We will refund the amount bank account (or payment service used at the time of registration) within fifteen working days.

Rental Agreement

By entering into the rental agreement, you are agreeing to rent the items at the price listed for a stated amount of time and return the items before the due date posted. The due date is the date by which your rental should be postmarked to avoid incurring an automatic extension fee. If an item is not postmarked by the due date, you will be charged 125% of publisher’s list price less the rental fee paid.

Returning a rental order for refund

If you receive an incorrect item or damaged product due to our error, please contact us and return the item within 15 days of order*.

Packages postmarked after the 15-days return window will not receive a refund nor be returned.

* Please note, this is different than returning your rental at the end of the rental period. Items returned within 15 days of order are for a refund. Items returned at the end of the rental period are not refunded.

Book Condition

BooQs Dot In guarantees the condition of all books rented and sold. Because of our further satisfactory service, we require that highlighting, writing, or note taking in your books be very limited.

Items received with heavy markings/writing or in otherwise damaged condition will incur additional charges. Other damages include but are not limited to water/liquid damage, loose/falling out/missing/torn/taped pages, torn or taped cover, or spine damage. If an item is not postmarked by the due date and received in usable condition, you will be charged 125% of list price less the rental fee paid, and the item will not be returned.

Supplemental Materials

Rentals are intended for multiple uses. Therefore, textbooks are not guaranteed to come with usable supplements such as CDs or access codes. Many supplements are one time use items, and supplements may not be included with your rental.

If you receive a supplement with your rental, you are welcome to use it. However, supplementary materials that you may receive with your item must be returned with the book.


If you find that you need to keep an item longer than originally planned, you may extend the rental period by viewing your order online. Your due date will be extended by 10 days at a fee of Rs. 50. The new due date will be displayed on the order page in your customer account.


You may extend your rental at any time.

Buying Your Rental

If you decide you would like to keep a portion or all of entire rental and not return it, you are welcome to buy products at any time during your rental period. Log in to your account and view your rental order. Click on the item you would like to keep and then click “Buy Request”. Follow the prompts to purchase your book. Make sure to buy each item you wish to keep, as purchasing one item does not change the rental status of all other books on that order.

After you purchase an item, it is your property and the rental agreement is now void. Do not return rental products that were purchased as they will not be refunded nor sent back to you.

Failure to Return Your Rental

If your books are not postmarked by the due date, you will be charged a Rs.50 extension fee which extends your due date by 10 days. If your rental is not marked as in transit by the new due date, it will be automatically converted into a sale. You will be charged 125% of publisher’s list price less the fee paid for each item not returned. Available store credit will be utilized and the remaining cost will be charged from the security deposit. This is not reversible. Please do not return any items that have converted into a sale as you will not receive a refund and the item will not be returned to you.

Contact Us

If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, contact us.